There are five types of rooms: public, hybrid, private, list, and permanent public. All rooms are subject to basic site rules such as no porn, No adults seducing minors and no politicizing or promoting of hate groups, and all other rules in the AUP.


Public rooms are listed on the portal page and meet the guidelines for public rooms. Public rooms are fully customizable in every aspect, from the splash page to the chat control panel. Most rooms begin as private rooms. After establishing a consistent post rate, they will be moved to hybrid status. When a hybrid-level room has maintained a daily level of 50-100 posts for one month, they may then go public.

Public rooms may not contain content resulting in a rating over NC-18. This means no publicly posted sexually explicit material. This includes pics and lewd posts, although adult situations may occur. The room's rating must be clearly stated on its splash page so that those entering know what to expect and agree to view the type of material that may occur in the room.


Anyone can create a free private room on the fly and enter it using the name entered in the PRIVATE REALM box on the main portal page. Private rooms can not be customized and are purged nightly. Private rooms are used at the user's own risk; they are not rated and Admin does not monitor them or screen their content. It is the private room owner's responsibility to ensure that no illegal activity occurs within, and that any minors present are not exposed to inappropriate conduct.


Hybrid rooms are private rooms that can be customized like public rooms but do not appear on the main portal page. These rooms are created by special request are accessed by keyword or room name in the private realm box. Hybrid rooms are generally used for private gaming campaigns that may contain visual or written material inappropriate for minors. It is the Hybrid room owner's responsibility to ensure that no illegal activity occurs within, and that any minors allowed in the room are not exposed to inappropriate conduct.


List rooms can be either public or hybrid. They are not open to the public, Room owners control who enters the room by means of a list kept on the owner's panel. Users must request permission to use the room from the room owner.


Permanent rooms are a fee-based option. For a one-time $100.00 (US) fee, you may open a permanent room, fully customizable and visible on the main room list. No post count applies to the room, but  may be dropped to hybrid status at either the owner's request or after several months go by without any posting at all.

WBS is under no obligation to return the one-time fee should a room owner decide to move or remove the room. NOTE: Any downtime that occurs does not entitle a refund unless the downtime is excessive at which time it is in the site's discretion to return a portion or all funds. To open a permanent room, contact Cliff.

. While a room will become permanent immediately, the room owner has 30 days to mail payment or the room will revert back to the conditions of a public room.