If you were experiencing technical issues with accessing the site, they have been corrected. You may need to delete your cookies and cache for the changes to appear.


ATTENTION>>> Photobucket changed their hosting rules and all images are basically considered 3rd party hosting and won't show on WBS. This is without a doubt a real pain in the Ass. I thought I'd give you a heads up so you can change your images to avoid the awful 3rd party hosting crap. Several hosting sites. Imagur.com and Imagbox both are easy to use and seem to be the best available. Let me know if you know of any others.

I have asked for a Panel design change as well to try and make things look a bit better.

Also I know folks are busy with real life things. This is for those with time and or rooms. There are a ton of Empty rooms. I removed 6 already. I'd REALLY appreciate any effort in getting folks in rping. I'd also appreciate an occasional donation. To donate go to paypal and use the email cliffordsatton@aol.com I miss seeing you all. Until I see you again, may your health be good and your days be full of love and laughter.


Well, it's been a while eh? *laughs* I just figured out how to do this again. I wanted to say a happy Birthday to Michelle Boon and well, everyone who's had a Birthday over the last year. I also wanted to say that I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Things may get rough, may get divisive but I'm thankful to have my friends at WBS. *Group Hug*


Sorry about the glitches. Everything SHOULD be fixed now. *prays* long as everything remains untouched, we should be fine. A backup site will also be constructed. Thank you for your patience folks. It is very important you all log in and make sure everything is running as is supposed too.


P.S Many of you who had auto log in chosen will find you need to log in with your login and pw. If you have forgotten them shoot me a note on facebook or email me at cliffordsatton@aol.com


UPDATE. Everything working fine. WBS is reset up. New rules in place will be simply no one get's banned at site level. Room Owners are responsible for their own rooms. Each Room Owner may request their personal Admin/ Site Owner to deal with. This is because some people prefer working with certain admin/owners over others. This hopefully will promote more comfortable conditions. If Room Owners don't want any other admin/owners and choose to ban the rest, so be it. But, that means you can't come to them later if things go bad with your preferred choice. Well, you can but I can't promise the response. Meaning, treat everyone as you'd like to be treated. Social Rooms may be added. If you have any suggestions, our Forum is open to them. https://www.facebook.com/groups/worldbroadcastingsystem/ That is all for now. Hope to see everyone on WBS.


Updated. We are at 560$ in donations minus the 200$ I will add in december. That makes it about 760$ with 440$ still needed between now and Jan 1st. Please keep up the fantastic work. And Thank you so much for your support.


Our Server host recently had to make some upgrades that cost 1200$ USD. They also informed us that the 1200$ MUST be paid by those sites hosted on the server by Jan 1st 2015. WBS is among those sites. It is imperative that WE raise the money. Please if you can donate, 1$ 5$ 25$ and so on, PLEASE, PLEASE consider doing so ASAP? We have big committments but sometimes they fall through. So please help and donate to hostingchick@gmail.com anything at all that you are CAPABLE of. This is a one time donation drive but it must be done. Please help WBS?

PS We have raised around 245$ of the needed 1200$ so far. I will update this as donations come in.


REGISTRATION/Post Extracts and Save Posts now work. Gmail as always works best.

And as a side note, this is WBS's 11th year birthday.


A COUPLE OF NOTES. 1: Registration, saved posts, statistics and daily extracts are now functioning and have all tested as such too.

There has been about six or so issues of people being kicked out of the site after logging in. The following lists the steps to fix this. Note mostly the step in flushing your IP.

Hey Cliff i am still having problems getting into the room it will let me log in then when i try to go into the room it boots me back to the log in page like i have been banned from the room . I hope i have not done anything to get anyone upset and have myself banned if so i do applogize for my behaviors.Thank you for your time Tia and answer---Here are all the possible reasons:

1) You're using automatic login and the cookie has gotten all kinds of corrupted. Delete your cookies and temp files. http://www.wikihow.com/​Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache Delete the saved password for the site Close all browsers.

2) Open your command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns. Reboot your computer. Try again. Make sure *.worldbroadcastingsystem.com is added to your trusted sites/allowed sites/never block this ever sites in all of your security programs/settings.

3) You're not marked as a verified user and the realm is a verified user only realm.

4) The room is a 'list only' realm, which means only the users who are added to the list can access the room

5) You're trying to access the same room with two different windows but using the same login.


Registration and Post extracts should now work as well. Any other issues please feel free to contact me at my email or our facebook. WBS Facebook


WOW THAT BLEW-----> That Downtime sure did suck hardcore and you all have my apologies. BUT We ARE back and running smoothly, THUS FAR. Our Database was 5 and a half months old so ANYONE who registered in the last 5 months will have to re-register. I am very sorry for this but it brings me to my next point.

That is, You to can back up your rooms and Char lists so you are always up to date even IF you have to re-register. How? Go to Char config and export your characters. You'll see a big long thing of code, copy the WHOLE THING and save it to NOTEPAD. That's how you keep your Char lists saved. If you own a room, just save your rooms design code to Notepad as well. And save room images to a folder called whatever your room is. This ensures you won't lose anything. Meanwhile I'll try to see if I can keep a backup DB copy updated regularly myself.

All I can say is I'm sorry and I miss you all. I hope to see you back soon.

Oh and before I forget, you can follow wbs updates on Facebook! If we are down or if you just have ideas or suggestions!

WBS Facebook


MORE INFO ON DOWNTIME-----> Our Server host is back and says she's tracked down and fixed the issue. She will be updating the server this weekend but otherwise the server should work well. I will continue to set up rooms fully on nomads-tale.net so that WBS has a fully functioning backup. For those who wish to just play there, by all means. I will still be using nomads for some RP too as well. And DONATIONS, thank you to Alessa, Lars, Brat. Your help is invaluable. Please folks, keep up the fantastic donation run.


RECENT DOWNTIME.-----> As you all may know *LOL* we were down recently. I will get you an answer when I get one. While we are up I strongly suggest everyone backup their char lists on nomads-tale.net. We will get things straightened out as always so try to be as patient as you can. I'd also ask that if you can donate, it wouldn't exactly be a bad idea. We have gotten 1 Donation in almost 3 months. TY ALESSA! Donations open up doorways that I don't currently have. Which also has me thanking Joey for hosting us and I'm confident she will smooth things out soon.


Registration, Stats and Post extracts should be fixed. For best results in recieving emails from WBS I've personally had 100 percent success from gmail. *hugs Joey*


We are currently experience issues with anything involved with the server's email system. Meaning stats, registration, post extracts are all down. Every attempt to contact our server host has yet, gone unanswered so i'm unsure what is going on just yet.


*Chuckles* I should have guessed that there would be a rash of Anniversaries for chat sites when I announced WBS's. All I can say is 6 and 7 even 8 years is no small deal and I want to wish them all the best in the years to come. BUT, TEN years is also a big deal. Granted it's just a chat system on a computer but a decade's worth of stress and role play with some of the nicest and hardest working folks i've ever met in my life has made it a tremendous joy. Thank you all for sharing the years with me. Here's to 10 more? *Laughs* Probably not. But as each year passes I see how precious it is to enjoy the moment. So here's to WBS and a DECADE full of memories and here's to enjoying the moment.


Hey everyone, just 2 weeks until WBS has officially been open TEN YEARS! *Opens an early Champagne bottle.* I'd very much like an appreciate all of our owners to put in nore time (quite a bit if possible) come May 1st through at least until June. I'd like to have active rooms for those coming back. For a month at least, I'd like to give them a glimpse into the old days. ALL old players are welcome back for our Tenth year. Old/banned, regardless. Everyone is welcome. Admin please pass this on and let everyone know of our upcomming Anniversary. Players are encouraged to as well. BLOG it, Facebook it etc. Please?


A big thank you for all of the recent support from all of my WBS friends. It was particularly difficult watching my admin get verbally assaulted in extremely crude and personal ways. In ways that no one should ever have to endure. But the support I've recieved has been incredible. I thank you all. You've also all done a fantastic job with your rooms the past week. You doubled our traffic and you've been very welcoming and friendly above all else. In return, I will try to lighten my mood and attitude as much as I can and try to focus more on fixing some HTML errors and find ways to help boost traffic for your rooms. With your help and support, I'm excited about our future together in WBS.

PASSWORD RESET FEATURE...>I wanted to add a note as Vixen says I don't update enough. *G* Our password reset doesn't work because it was used in an exploit attack awhile back. If you feel you forgot your password, then email me or Christine or frankly any of WBS's Admin. We will be happy to fix the issue, if possible.


Okay a few things must be addressed. 1: Respect. You get what you give. Don't tell me I need to respect you if all you are doing is spreading lies simply because that's all you are hearing from people elsewhere. We do have a conflict admin, if you have issues talk with them. It's likely we know MUCH more about what is actually being done or going on than you. Respect us why? We run the site. Good, bad or whatever. If you have an issue frankly it's your job to approach us calmly and rationally, with screen shots and COMPLETE stories. I'm a bit tired of the half truths being made into some grandiose scemes. Full truth = conversations from day 1 from all parties involved. Keep in mind, I run wbs and I don't care if you don't like me but calling my admin and myself derogatory and demeaning names, is blatant disrespect and it will earn you instant bans.

2: IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR PERSONAL EMAILS USED ON WBS, DO NOT REGISTER WITH THEM. Site Owners on occasion need to contact members. It's common practice. Don't believe me? Ask the site Owner on the place you are. IT'S COMMON.

3: If I hear you've moved a room from wbs to else where and you didn't have the curtesy to inform me? Obviously I need to contact you in order to find out if it's true. DEAL WITH IT.

4: It is fine to play where you wish but not recruit from my site. Respect my rules. Whether you object or not is irrelevent to me. I work hard on my site. I've worked hard for ten years building it up. It's been at the top of all the sites for nearly eight of them. Obviously if I'm working hard to make it GROW, I do not want you pulling all my players else where just because your undies got in a twist over some rediculous, unimportant thing.

5: I've allowed myself to be a friend to much and it comes back to bite me in the end. I assume people are friends that aren't and are likely to afraid to tell me. So from now on, I'm an Owner. Treat me as an owner, treat my admin the same way. Follow the rules and we're all good.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! And as part of the new Year, all previously banned folks are welcome back. Just behave. lol. This is the year WBS celebrates it's tenth anniversary. RP sites have faded a great deal over the years with the introduction of MMO's but I hope you all join us throughout the year to help us make it a great anniversay where terrific new memories are created and old ones are relived.

On a more somber note, some rooms were removed. It disappoints me to see but hopefully more rooms will come or the existing ones will see more use as a result.


----> Alrighty it's been awhile since I last posted. Happy late Thanksgiving to you all! *LOL* And Happy Holidays yet to come! My first thing I want to say is in 2011 WBS will have been open for exactly ten years. One decade long and frankly i'm stunned. I'm deeply, DEEPLY appreciative to all that have visited over the years. Without you guys wbs would have been a hollow, meaningless and empty place for me. So thank you to all of you. Our official 10 year birthday will be in May. I hope that all of those I knew and still know today, will come and stop by for old times sake. For those who still frequent, I hope we can make it the best birthday ever.

----> My second order is less exciting and a bit of a downer. I've noticed many room owners simply have vacated their rooms. So effective immediately the following rooms are slated for deletion unless stats are improved within the next week. Den'Shrai, Abyss, Gates of the Galaxy, Darkness Falls and Southern Nights. Rooms on the fence, who have a month to 6 weeks. Mirages of the Psyche,  Land of Nyryllth and Inn of the Weary Traveler. Sorry folks but there just is a huge lack of effort which has forced me to either close WBS or simply get my point across that if you rquest a room, you need to at least put SOME effort into it. WBS is a free service. The only thing I've ever requested from room owners is, you at least put pride and work into your rooms. I'm sorry to be such a downer and I deeply apologize if this comes at a bad time for anyone. I am as always willing to listen or compromise. All you need to do is get ahold of me. More updates soon to come.


----> OKAY then, that as you all know was annoying as hell. *laughs* We had an issue with our mail server that required immediate fixing. I -think- it's fixed. I'm deeply sorry for the unexpected downtime. Please let everyone know we're back up.


----> Now that I remembered my login info I'll be adding more updates soon. Angie has made a tutorial for WBS which I will get up as soon as I get it from her again. *LOL*

Aside from that, I really would greatly appreciate help in donations this month and Sept. I'm looking to raise 100 if at all possible. My paypal is cliffordsatton@aol.com

I'd also -love- to see room attendences pick up if at all possible.


----> Sends hugs out and thank you smooches to the 50$ donation which brings our total now to 160$. You people really do rock.


UPDATE AGAIN...> Our donation total has reached 110$ now. I'm exceptionally greatful to those who've helped out, even though things are tough economically for all. I'm still hoping to reach 300$ by late Dec but even if we don't, I'm really thankful to those who've supported WBS. You rock.


UPDATE---> So far WBS has recieved (updated as of 1:30 AM Eastern Standard time Sunday Nov 15th) 100 dollars in donations. We are getting a lot closer to the goal of 300! To WBS's donation link is on our doorway at worldbroadcastingsystem.com or simply use this cliffordsatton@aol.com which is the paypal email. I'm very greatful for the donations thus far. It means a lot to me.


DONATIONS---> Okay about one month out of every year I ask that folks help out and donate to wbs, IF they can. In this economy i don't expect anyone to that can't but if anyone can, I'd be tremendously greatful. I pay about 720 a year and I try to raise half that so I'm not paying the entire bill. I've currently raised 25 dollars. My goal is 360.


Okay I have seen way to many empty rooms on WBS. I understand busy lives but no mods present? No one in at all to greet or help? That said, Only the following rooms AREN'T in danger of being demoted or removed. Gotham, Ten, The Heights, Last Chance, Rolands, Fires Reign, Darkness Falls, Gates of the Galaxy, Highlander, Southern Nights, Wonderland, Xatrian, Supernatual A, Dark Eternal.. It's not fair at all that we have some R.O's that work their tails off daily while others let their rooms go empty. If your busy? Get mods to run things DO NOT let them just sit there dormant. It reflects badly on you, your room and WBS as a whole. So PLEASE, help me out a bit here? Because paying for a site that sits 60% empty gets rather discouraging. Especially when I know a good many toss cash into WoW while ignoring their duties completely on wbs.

Please don't think I don't understand busy or sick. I do understand some of the Hosts are unavoidably away. However, at the very least you should be sure Mods/Staff are in place and doing their duties. Rooms are requested and I'm more than happy to give them to anyone wanting them but I think it's fair in return to expect an effort by you the Hosts and your Staff to keep them somewhat trafficed. If you think I'm being unfair or targeting you unfairly, my email and messengers are always open to you. Email is yourallheart@aol.com.


IMPORTANT TO ALL!---> Many of you have lost your accounts due to inactivity. This is simply an auto feature by the Script which looks for acounts that haven't been used for 90 days. Though, to be honest it seems to be more 30 days. Either way, there are TWO ways to avoid resetting up characters. 1: Simply save your characters. Yes you can save your characters, their tags and pictures by simply going to Character Configure where you click EXPORT. Save the code that pops up in it's entirety, to Notepad.

Number 2 way to ensure accounts don't need to be reset up.: Simply donate 5 dollars and I click Verify which will keep your account indefinately. Personally I'd simply save to Notepad. I in fact, recommend EVERYONE always save their characters and setups because crashes are apart of the internet World. Saving NOW means LESS HASSLE later on.


ALERT!---> Image area works fine and dandy.


Apparently the light has been seen. Thus I'm removing the topic from here. Back to buisness as usual. To you know who, you made a wiser move than you know.


Now as for my neck and those asking? It's slow. Could be wearing a collar for 3 months. Small price to pay for not being paralyzed though. I thank ALL of you for your concerns.


IMPORTANT NOTICE!---> As of July 1st, I'm going in for a significant surgery on my Neck. Depending on it's success I could be back in 3 to 5 days. Or, gone permenently. WBS in my absence is well cared for by Ruthe, Tracy, Lore and Claw. They can usually be found nights in Tenshadows or the Haven if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Meanwhile, Room Owners, you might nudge folks a bit harder to be in your rooms as things have been a might slow. I figured I'd leave a nagging messege just so you don't forget me. heh.


NOTICE!---> If you've registered recently and find you can't log in with the link given which may look like (chat/confirmation.pl?SEC=BQcDAAAAAgoKNj) the link should look like http://www.worldbroadcastingsystem.com/chat/confirmation.pl?SEC=BQcDAAAAAgoKNj


NOTICE!---> The SERVER will be down this morning for an hour or 2 max, starting some where around 9am. A server error needs to be fixed.


EVERYONE!!---> Hey everyone, I banned about 40 to 50 IP's that were from Bots and other scan attempts. If anyone suddenly get's an Apache or Forbidden page please contact me at yourallheart@aol.com.


ROOM OWNERS!--->If you want to be apart of our AD rotation in WBS please send me a banner that's no bigger than 375 pixels in Width by 60 in height. For any Room Owners concerned about ADs showing up in your rooms, the AD Rotation can be turned off in your Supervisery Panel.


MORE NEWS!--->Registration, Stats and Post extracts now appear to be fixed. Please remember when you register that often times the confirmation email goes to your junk or spam folders. So if you register and haven't recieved your confirmation in 30 minutes, check those folders and then if it's still not there? Contact me at yourallheart@aol.com


IMPORTANT. Worldbroadcastingsystem.BIZ is no longer needed. EVERYONE can resume using worldbroadcastingsystem.COM and .NET


URGENT! Recently people have reported their passwords no longer work. We've taken steps to stop this but if you notice your Password no longer works please contact me at once as we've removed the reset file. My email is yourallheart@aol.com


GRAND RE-OPENING! Of Sorts! *Chuckles* Withg so many problems with software errors and a crashing DB, it sure feels like it. That said, tonight will be the official opening of our newest ER script, put together by Infinitybund's Joey/Roo. Yes, for all of you who know are feud, this might be a shock and it was for me but to be honest minus a bit of groveling on my part, I can't even begin to say how pleased I am. For all that i've said and while our issues may not just go poof, I have to say, I'm deeply impressed with Joey's professionalism and knowledge and attitude. She could have been an ass the whole time knowing I had little else to do but take it. So let's ALL give her a heart felt thank you. As I am. Than you, Joey.


I expect to see everyone on WBS tonight! And as a side note, Thank you to Mark. We just started talking but I was impressed with him as well. Lisa was right about you. You're a good guy.


The new boards link is http://worldbroadcastingsystem.aimoo.com/! Feel free to visit!


Donations are badly needed. December will accrue a high server bill, and in order for WBS to stay up and running, Cliff needs to accumulate at least $150! If you can help, please use the donation link to the right, or contact Cliff for mail-in payments. Thank you so much for your support in helping WBS stay alive! We appreciate it more than you know!

Thank you MONNIE for your donation! We love you, too!


Okay, so I'm not supposed to code at two o'clock in the morning. I forgot to put in the submit button for the login. The issue has been fixed. If you have any issues, contact me, and I'll get on it. -Jacky


Sorry about the update to the face, folks. If you have trouble with the links opening in a new window, or a new tab, do a hard refresh. Hold down the control (ctrl) and shift keys at the SAME TIME you click the refresh button, and it should work fine. Thank you for your patience!


We have had to add a filter that will block images using a % in the url.Please check the urls of your images and change them to reflect this.

What does that really mean? For instance: If you originally named an image Sword of Truth, the system you named it on replaced the blank spaces with a %. You need to rename your images with something like SwordOfTruth (all one word) or Sword-of-Truth (still all one word, but easier to read).

We apologize for the bother, but the host of our server required a change for security reasons. And Thank you for your time and patience!


Sorry about the delay in fine-tuning the site, but life ran amuck and had to be dealt with first! If you find any glitches or problems, plesase contact ruthe at elvesanon at yahoo!